There’s life in the old dog yet!

The brave effort to create a Debian package for aseqjoy lead to a discussion on whether all parts of aseqjoy (and yes, there are not that many parts) come under the same terms and conditions. To resolve this ambiguity and finally release some dusted modifications sitting the git repository for ages, I finally released aseqjoy-0.0.2 today. Aside of addressing these legal matters aseqjoy now also supports emitting fine MIDI control change events with higher resolution.

terminatorX 3.90

A new terminatorX release is available, grab the tarball from the download section if you want to give it a try. While still GTK+2 based, this release completes the first half of the GTK+3 migration guide, expect the next releases to be GTK+3 based. Aside of lots of cleanups addressing deprecated APIs, this release also brings:

  • gradient for the sample widget to freshen the UI a bit
  • a fix for Bug #33
  • delayed initialization for the jack engine (when jack is not activated via preferences) to avoid unnecessary start-up delays


Site Revamped

In preparation for the upcoming terminatorX release this site has been overhauled. The layout generated by the original handcrafted scripts looked rather antiquated, so the scripts were retired in favour of WordPress with all its goodies including comments and HTML5 media playback.

In case you have visited before you should find all the things you could find before although presented in much more aesthetically pleasing form.