terminatorX-4.1.0: colors, drag’n’drop and more

Finally, I had the chance to polish the source code a bit for releasability, after having a bunch of smaller improvements sitting in the git tree for quite a while.

Rearrange the effect processing order through drag’n’drop (click for full-size)

Release 4.1.0 brings:

  • Turntable colors to quickly find the right controls/or audio data
  • Effect queues can now be rearranged using drag’n’drop
  • Old icons have been replaced with stock versions
  • Workaround for duplicated events in wrap pointer mode as under some conditions X11 may generate motion events when warping
  • Fix position of loading dialog on startup
  • Miscellaneous clean-ups

As always you can find the sources in the download section; pre-built packages for Ubuntu 20.10 are available in the terminatorX PPA.

Fixing a few bugs – terminatorX 4.0.1

Quick bugfix release to address some issues with the audio backends: The user interface allowed selecting the PulseAudio backend, even when terminatorX was built without PulseAudio support. In addition the error message was not really helpful and PulseAudio was not set as default as it was intended.

These issues have been fixed with release 4.0.1, as usual you can find the tarball on the download page, the PPA builds are currently in progress – the resulting .deb packages should be available shortly.

terminatorX 4.0.0 – finally!

This one has been in the making for quite a while, but after some struggling terminatorX has once again reached a release-worthy state. While regular users may not notice a lot of changes right away, this is probably one of the biggest change sets yet. Among a lot of smaller fixes release 4.0.0 brings:

  • Port to Gtk+3, which lead to some unexpected ramifications
  • New audio driver backend for PulseAudio
  • The old X11-DGA based mouse grab mode was incompatible with Gtk+3, so terminatorX now reads from /dev/input/mice directly (when run setuid-root) or falls back to the good old pointer-warp mode (potentially losing some precision compared to reading the events directly from Linux input). The good thing is that both methods should also work for upcoming display server technologies replacing X11.knob-4.0.0
  • The icons now adapt to the configured font size; the knob has been re-rendered to adapt to high-dpi displays (automatic size adjustment can be overridden via configuration)needle-4.0.0
  • The turntable cursor (or needle) now has a short trail (can be switched off) and the audio zoom level can be adjusted using the mouse wheel

terminatorX 4.0.0 is now available from the download page; pre-built packages for Ubuntu 16.04 are available in the terminatorX PPA.

There’s life in the old dog yet!

The brave effort to create a Debian package for aseqjoy lead to a discussion on whether all parts of aseqjoy (and yes, there are not that many parts) come under the same terms and conditions. To resolve this ambiguity and finally release some dusted modifications sitting the git repository for ages, I finally released aseqjoy-0.0.2 today. Aside of addressing these legal matters aseqjoy now also supports emitting fine MIDI control change events with higher resolution.

terminatorX 3.90

A new terminatorX release is available, grab the tarball from the download section if you want to give it a try. While still GTK+2 based, this release completes the first half of the GTK+3 migration guide, expect the next releases to be GTK+3 based. Aside of lots of cleanups addressing deprecated APIs, this release also brings:

  • gradient for the sample widget to freshen the UI a bit
  • a fix for Bug #33
  • delayed initialization for the jack engine (when jack is not activated via preferences) to avoid unnecessary start-up delays


Site Revamped

In preparation for the upcoming terminatorX release this site has been overhauled. The layout generated by the original handcrafted scripts looked rather antiquated, so the scripts were retired in favour of WordPress with all its goodies including comments and HTML5 media playback.

In case you have visited terminatorX.org before you should find all the things you could find before although presented in much more aesthetically pleasing form.