This website is the home of the terminatorX realtime audio synthesizer. This software allows “scratching” on digitally sampled audio data (*.wav, *.au, *.ogg, *.mp3, etc.) the way hiphop-DJs scratch on vinyl records. It features multiple turntables, realtime effects (buit-in as well as LADSPA plugin effects), a sequencer and MIDI interface – all accessible through an easy-to-use gtk+ GUI. This software is designed to run under Linux, FreeBSD and the like.

The software is available under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License Version 2.


This website and the terminatorX software have been created and are Copyright © 1999 – 2016 by Alexander König. The authors of user created content shared on this website are identified separately along with that content.


This website (hosted on ftp-stud.hs-esslingen.de) is now available for more than a decade thanks to Adrian Reber and the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi

    I don’t know if you work on it but it could be very cool if your software could be a VST or work on controllers cause the sound of vinyl scratching are so far of controllers scratching and it could be nice if that sound could be available on these support ( you can maybe tell the guys of Mixxx about it ) .

    Hope you will improve your software by the way you chose or by this

    PS : Excuse my english i’m french

  2. Might have to talk to blender and k3d and raspberry pi and vst4free, but here is a cool thought.
    Full raspberry pi, arduino, etcetera support, voice controls and if you get fancy with an eye tracker and motion tracker, motion and eye control, and if you want to make a dj table, make it have switches and knobs and stuff so that you minimize the size of the hardware while making it compatible with any freeware out there.

    you may also want to add features(some stuff like mixxx) and then re render your graphics3d, and figure out a way to route jack audio output to bluetooth for a lot of fun.

    I do balabolka sampling and was gonna mix that into audio from either any number of free vst’s on the net or with recordings from my sitar or ukulele

    z-wave and antennas direct have designs, so do CERN and arduino and raspberry pi and GE aviation, IBM, HP,SYstem76, and a whole bunch of other people.

    I guess if you want to build this stuff, do it! it’ll be super fun and cut costs a ton if you use those little cheap singleboard computers. talk to X-ES and D wave quantum computers and eccenture quantum computers if you really wanna get serious and mess around with analog/digital stuff

    but yeah as much shit as you can cram into a small, foldable package, do it cuz its really fun and super great.

      1. There are low latency codecs n such. Worth leaving that decision up to the user IMO, although I totally agree with you.

  3. Just found this software, excellent idea. Can’t wait to try it out.

    Genuinely surprised there seems to be no instructions (either here or from quick Google search) to use this program with a DJ hero controller! Will be trying that joystick add-on out, as well as trying to map the controller to the mouse. If I make any progress I’ll share it

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