terminatorX 4.0.0 – finally!

This one has been in the making for quite a while, but after some struggling terminatorX has once again reached a release-worthy state. While regular users may not notice a lot of changes right away, this is probably one of the biggest change sets yet. Among a lot of smaller fixes release 4.0.0 brings:

  • Port to Gtk+3, which lead to some unexpected ramifications
  • New audio driver backend for PulseAudio
  • The old X11-DGA based mouse grab mode was incompatible with Gtk+3, so terminatorX now reads from /dev/input/mice directly (when run setuid-root) or falls back to the good old pointer-warp mode (potentially losing some precision compared to reading the events directly from Linux input). The good thing is that both methods should also work for upcoming display server technologies replacing X11.knob-4.0.0
  • The icons now adapt to the configured font size; the knob has been re-rendered to adapt to high-dpi displays (automatic size adjustment can be overridden via configuration)needle-4.0.0
  • The turntable cursor (or needle) now has a short trail (can be switched off) and the audio zoom level can be adjusted using the mouse wheel

terminatorX 4.0.0 is now available from the download page; pre-built packages for Ubuntu 16.04 are available in the terminatorX PPA.

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