terminatorX-4.1.0: colors, drag’n’drop and more

Finally, I had the chance to polish the source code a bit for releasability, after having a bunch of smaller improvements sitting in the git tree for quite a while.

Rearrange the effect processing order through drag’n’drop (click for full-size)

Release 4.1.0 brings:

  • Turntable colors to quickly find the right controls/or audio data
  • Effect queues can now be rearranged using drag’n’drop
  • Old icons have been replaced with stock versions
  • Workaround for duplicated events in wrap pointer mode as under some conditions X11 may generate motion events when warping
  • Fix position of loading dialog on startup
  • Miscellaneous clean-ups

As always you can find the sources in the download section; pre-built packages for Ubuntu 20.10 are available in the terminatorX PPA.

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